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Wiffle gyro update

April 23, 2006

Well, I found the Sharp Curve describe on to be the easiest Gyroball to through.  Pronating makes it slide like crazy, but the opposite spin sinks and slides like crazy.  Very sharp and late breaking pitches. 

I'm working on my hard-ball Gyro.  I'm fairly certain I've thrown it, but  I want video to be sure.  I'm working on it.  At least for now it's become my new favorite super-movement wiffle pitch. 

I played wiffle with my brother today, and he was shocked at the movement I was getting and how well I was hitting my spots with all my pitches.  Controlling the gyro is a work in progress, it moves like crazy, sometimes a sharp away slide (can only be described as a super-slider), sometimes a sharp late drop (can only be described as a super-sinker), both releases worked similarly, but the slider-like release made it easier to control.


Welcome to the Gyro-blog

April 3, 2006

I'm a big big big fan of Baseball, the Seattle Mariners, the Knuckle-ball, the Gyro-ball, Wiffle-balls, and Minor league and independant league base-ball (I'm scouting people or pretending to, I just love lower level ball of ANY kind), as well as any form of bat and ball.  The focus of this blog is going to be those things I guess.  I've got some personal break-throughs on the gyro-ball.  This is a real pitch people, and in the right hands could be a knuckler on steroids, and if used in a Phil-Niekro manner (good control, velocity, deception) could change the game, or at least some pitchers game.  It's an amazing pitching philosophy.  I advise anyone seeking basic information on it to visit and search the forums.  It's a great site, and is a good base-ball site to regular.

The site will also be a Mariners blog, since I love the M's.  Tommorow Jamie Moyer starts a new season for the team.  Go Felix. 

Other topics will be base-ball in general, sabermetrics, knucklers, wiffle-balls, and whatver I want I guess.

More to come, good stuff on the Gyro-ball. I learned to throw it with the real Wiffle Balls (eight notches on one side).  It's a wicked pitch.  I have throw it (kind of, sort of, maybe, on a good day, sometimes) with other balls (hard-balls included), but with the Wiffle-ball it's amazing, it's pretty easy to throw.  I've read references to some "special" pitch in Wiffle-ball books and sites, that I never understood, but I know believe is either one of two forms (or more) of Gyro-balls (more on this later).  It's about as easy as a knuckle-ball with a wiffle, and I throw those pretty darned good.

Anyway more when I got more time, including how to throw a Gyro-ball.