Welcome to the Gyro-blog

April 3, 2006

I'm a big big big fan of Baseball, the Seattle Mariners, the Knuckle-ball, the Gyro-ball, Wiffle-balls, and Minor league and independant league base-ball (I'm scouting people or pretending to, I just love lower level ball of ANY kind), as well as any form of bat and ball.  The focus of this blog is going to be those things I guess.  I've got some personal break-throughs on the gyro-ball.  This is a real pitch people, and in the right hands could be a knuckler on steroids, and if used in a Phil-Niekro manner (good control, velocity, deception) could change the game, or at least some pitchers game.  It's an amazing pitching philosophy.  I advise anyone seeking basic information on it to visit http://www.oddball-mall.com/knucklertalk and search the forums.  It's a great site, and is a good base-ball site to regular.

The site will also be a Mariners blog, since I love the M's.  Tommorow Jamie Moyer starts a new season for the team.  Go Felix. 

Other topics will be base-ball in general, sabermetrics, knucklers, wiffle-balls, and whatver I want I guess.

More to come, good stuff on the Gyro-ball. I learned to throw it with the real Wiffle Balls (eight notches on one side).  It's a wicked pitch.  I have throw it (kind of, sort of, maybe, on a good day, sometimes) with other balls (hard-balls included), but with the Wiffle-ball it's amazing, it's pretty easy to throw.  I've read references to some "special" pitch in Wiffle-ball books and sites, that I never understood, but I know believe is either one of two forms (or more) of Gyro-balls (more on this later).  It's about as easy as a knuckle-ball with a wiffle, and I throw those pretty darned good.

Anyway more when I got more time, including how to throw a Gyro-ball.


3 Responses to “Welcome to the Gyro-blog”

  1. jake Says:

    i know how to throw a gyro ball with a real ball,and trust me i have no idea how to throw it with a wiffle ball. but it is pretty easy on a normal baseball.u grip it like a football but with your thumb on top and throw it as hard as phisically possible.

  2. jake Says:

    u should write some more on the gyro ball

  3. jake Says:


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